CH Thornapple Scandalous

"Your bitch will win tomorrow too ... I guarantee it!" ... Ms. Helen Gleason
Winners Bitch, Best Opposite Sex * 3 pt Major! * Raleigh KC March 2007
Breeder/Owner Handled by Coleen Zartman

Blue Merle Bitch * DOB 4/25/06

Sire:  CH Thornapple Red Hot Outlaw
Dam:  Cork-Kerry's Sweet Vidalia

Owners/Breeders Coleen "Kelly" Zartman, Amy Garrison & Ellen Brandenburg
Owner/Handled by Coleen Zartman

*** August 2, 2008 ***
Congratulations Kelly Zartman on finishing Mika for the SECOND time from the BRED BY EXHIBITOR class!

We have disappointing news for Mika and Kelly.  When Mika's New Champion certificate
 arrived on Feb. 10, we noticed  Kelly's name did not appear as co-owner on the New Champion
 Certificate. We immediately placed a phone call to AKC.  It seems that a transfer dated and mailed
to AKC on September 12, 2006, was never received.  In order to finish a dog from the AKC Bred By
Exhibitor Class, the person who handles the dog in the class must have his/her name as registered
 co-owner with AKC prior to exhibiting in the class at an AKC show.  Since AKC has no record of the
transfer, Mika's championship is not recognized.

The silver lining to the story is that two of our own bitches picked up Mika's majors.  Our
bitch, Ch Thornapple Git R Done "Larry," is now a finished champion thanks to two Reserves
 to Mika's 4 point majors at the MSU Dog Shows in December 2006 and a major win in
Indianapolis weekend of February 10.  Congratulations Maria Neff on your new champion!
 And our bitch, Thornapple Flirtin' With Fire "Flame" now has 12 points with two majors ...
thanks to two Reserves to Mika wins at the January 2006 Brooksville, Florida shows.

Kelly's name has been officially added to Mika's AKC papers.  Kelly is anxious to start
over!  TWICE the fun for Mika & Kelly!  Nothing wrong with that!  Their first show will
be the Tar Heel Circuit at the end of March in Raleigh, North Carolina!

Mika's page and her gallery will be added to a new page on the Future Stars page.
A NEW adventure begins!