Tribute to Dad


It’s difficult to find the right words to merely say Thank You to everyone.  The words “Thank You,” seem so simple for something that was enormously overwhelming with all the love, support and care from our families, all our friends and even individuals we have met for the first time.  We can not express enough how comforting it was to receive all the visits, emails, cards and phone calls to us during this difficult time ~ we appreciate it so much!!

 As most of you know, Dad (Grandpa Jim) did pass to the rainbow bridge on Sunday, June 29, 2008.  My last post told you that Dad stopped all cancer treatments on Thursday, June 26, 2008 and that Hospice would be coming to the house to help care for Dad and keep him comfortable.   We did receive our initial visit from Hospice on Friday.  This was a lengthy appointment to check Dad in as a patient and for Jill & I to learn how to care for him and things we could expect in the days to come.  We were given a huge packet of information that became very helpful for us and also received phone numbers to call at any time for support and questions.  Although our relationship with Hospice was short, we are forever grateful for the wisdom and support they provided us.

 On Friday and Saturday Dad was surrounded by family and some of his closest friends.  He was happy to share many great memories with them and shared some good laughs too (despite nodding off during some of the conversations ~ but, we all know ~ Dad has done this on his good days too)! 

 Early Sunday morning Dad slipped into a coma and was resting comfortably during the day.   He may or may not have known it, but he was still surrounded by family & friends and we all spoke to him and reassured him how much we love him and what a great Dad, Grandpa and friend he is.  We let him know that we will miss him very much, but that we will all be ok until we meet again.  Dad passed away at 6:34 pm. 

 The days of his memorial services were only proof of what Jill & I already knew of our Dad – he was the greatest man – and by the number of people who attended and the words they spoke, they couldn’t agree more!   The pastor asked if anyone had any stories or words they would like to share about Jim to please jot them down and he would share them during the service.  He had a good chuckle the next day when there was a huge pile of stories waiting for him and he commented he has never received so many! 

 We had a wonderful luncheon following the service and we were sure to have some of his favorite classic cars parked outside to represent his passion for old cars. 

We miss Dad so much, just as the kids miss their Grandpa Jim.  We know so many others miss him too and we can all find comfort in knowing he’s in a better place and that his memory will live on.  

 Thank you!!!!!!  Amy & Jill

 When I think of my Dad, I think of the greatest man I know.  I think of a man who enjoyed life, someone who knew no enemies, someone who could always be counted on.  My Dad was a true gentleman.  He was a giver; whether it was just a listening ear, a soothing voice, a caring heart, a funny joke, a healing hug or a cheering smile.  I will never forget the special times we shared together and will cherish those memories in my heart forever.  I love you, Daddy!  Amy xoxo

 Dad was so positive.  He would find the part of the glass that was half full, even if there didn’t seem to be anything good from the situation.  When I was very young, there was only a Kmart to shop at in town.  My mom read the ad from that particular winter day and found something on sale we needed.  We all got into the car and I remember it being blizzard like conditions.  We ran out of gas along the way and Dad had to walk to the gas station in the cold snow.  He came back with a gas can and filled us up and continued to Kmart.  When we arrived, we discovered that the sale began the next day.  I remember my Dad laughing and saying - at least we’ll have gas!   I Love you, Dad!!!  Jill xoxo