Thank you for asking, Karen. We are here ... after a rough weekend. Once again, we must ask for our family's prayers.
Amy's daddy, Jim Brandenburg ... brother and best friend ... to my husband, Tom, Grandpa to Shayna & Austen - Zak & Matt,
 uncle to Aaron, Cyrus, Rachel & Chelsea ... best friend to all of us ... is in need of all the prayers you can muster.
 This past Friday, Jim was admitted to the hospital complaining of confusion and loss of peripheal vision in his left eye.
After CAT scans and a MRI, Jim was diagnosed with what the doctors think is a malignant brain tumor.
The tumor is pressing on his optic nerve in the back of the right side of his head.

The surgeon is going to be very aggressive with the tumor. He told Jim and family that he is going for a cure NOT a remission.
 The doctors scheduled Jim's surgery for 7:30 AM Wednesday AM. They sent Jim home on Sunday since he is doing so well
after being admitted to the hospital. Amy has arranged for Erin Swain - Inverness Aussies - to be Jim's anesthesia nurse!
 Erin informed Amy that Jim has the very best surgeon.

So we are going to the hospital tomorrow with great hope and optimism for Jim ... who is the one of the most generous people
you'll ever meet! Jim ... a hard working Thornapple who takes care of all of Amy's doggies ... and horses ... almost every single
 weekend while we travel to dog shows. Jim ... who built Amy's house ... next door to his ... who puts up hay from his property for
Amy's horses ... who buys antique cars and boats for the kids to enjoy ... Jim .. who cooks the VERY BEST TENDERLOIN CHOPS
 on the grill ... in the whole wide world. Ask ANY Thornapple who has enjoyed one of our cookouts! The pork tenderloins
 don't get any better then Jim's!!!! We plan on Jim's yummy cooking for our October dog show weekend and cookout!

Thank you to our most wonderful family!!!!!  Love, Mother T

Hi Amy, We will be praying for your sweet dad here in Denmark. He was so kind and
open hearted when we were visiting you and your dads home. Steffen and Erik
(my father in law), is still talking about all his fantastic cars and that
he gave the time to tell about them. You are lucky to have a father like
Jim. He will be in your life for many, many more years. I know that the
Thornapple family’s prayers will help.
Love and hug from Steffen, Erik (steffen’s dad), Diablo and Bitta

Hi Amy, I am SHOCKED ... please please please give my LOVE to your Dad. He is the sweetest of men ...
tell him he has to be well enough to cook me my pork rib when I come next year its tradition !!!! No one cooks pork like your Dad...!!!
My thoughts & prayers will be with him tomorrow and with you too Amy .. take care and will anxiously await news of your Dad tomorrow
With much love, Jayne Spitty Lorenzo Grouchie & Shelby xx

Dear Amy, You and your Dad our in our prayers. Please keep us posted on his
progress.  Love, Karen

Amy and Ellen:  I am saddened to hear about Jim. I can't imagine what you are going through!
You are in my thoughts and prayers always.
Yesterday, when I was trying to get organized (which is hard for me to,
 I came across this card that someone sent me when my father was ill. I am not an overly religious person,
but I do have faith in God, Jesus, and the power of prayer. I thought this might help you during this difficult time.

"Every one of us can be the recipient of God's healing touch for all of our emotional, physical, or spiritual problems.
 First, however, we must have faith. Faith is the unshakable certainty deep within our heart. It knows beyond all doubt
 that each and every one of us is very important to God. It knows that God truly cares what happens in our lives. When we then, in faith,
ask God to heal our pain, God will hear. As our loving Father who wants to give all good things, God will answer. God will heal."
I will call our church today to ask that Jim be put on the prayer list today instead of waiting until Sunday.
God bless you all and please keep us updated on Jim. Love to all, Mary

Ellen and Amy:  Just wanted to let you know that I just added Jim to the prayer list at church. 
 This prayer list doesn't only include our church, but several other churches in the community.
  I think it reaches close to 5,000 people.  I just wanted to let you know that the California contention is pulling for Jim. 
 Hang in  there, Amy.  I know how difficult it must be for all of you. Love, Mary

Ellen, my mail is coming through very haphazardly, and I didn't receive your
original email, which Di has answered, which arrived with your original
letter attached. I was so sorry to hear of Jim's problem, and you and your family, and Amy
and her family, are in our thoughts, and we are pulling for Jim to come
through this surgery, with flying colours - our thoughts and prayers are
with you all. We have no doubt that he will once again be playing
Bluegrass Blues in the near future. Love and hugs, Phyl and Harold  DOWN UNDER.

Jim and your entire family is in our prayers as well. We hope for a
speedy recovery!  Ami and Jordan

Hi Ellen! I will certainly have Jim on my prayers...I am confident he will have a great recovery!

Laura and I sent our prayers and hopes to Amy and her family as well as to Ellen,Tom and family....
We will light a candle...Janet and Laura

Dear Ellen and Amy, our thoughts are with you and your family!!!!! Please keep us posted and we
are thinking of you today and hope the surgeon will be able to remove the
tumor so that Jim will recover completely!!!!  Love, Bianca

Oh, no!!!! We all pray for Jim, we know he will be full recover!!!
Our thoughts and prayers are going to Jim and Amy with families!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love, Anna-Lena

Hi Ellen, Please give Jim my best wishes for a speedy and TOTAL recovery. I expect to
see him again when I return to visit next year some time. I will certainly
keep him in my prayers. Love to you all

AMY!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM CRYING SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy, You have all our thoughts and prayers for the quick recovery of your Dad.
Have faith and think positive. This will help fighting the disease!
 God bless you all  Warmest regards and beijos, Marcia B.

Dear Amy and Ellen:  I wanted to let you know that I have sent a prayer petition for Jim to Lourdes-France. 
 Did you ever hear the story about Bernadette who saw, on several occasions, the Virgin Mary? 
I am not Catholic, but I loved the story and the history behind the life of Bernadette. 
My mother and father used to live in France and went to Lourdes and said it was such a mystical place. 
 A lot of people have been cured from different afflictions.  I try to send prayer petitions to Lourdes when someone is ill.
I hope you don't think I'm some religious fanatic...I am not, but since the death of my mother and my father's heart attack
the power of prayer has changed my life.  So many people have prayed for me and my family that I want to do the same for others who need prayers.
  Keep me posted and take care of yourselves. Love, Mary

Hi Ellen and Amy, Thank you for letting us know this good news!!! We keep sending positive
thoughts your way for a full recovery!! Love, Bianca

Hi Ellen/Amy, That is great news about Jim's surgery!  We are praying and thinking about
Jim and the family all the time.  All our love from all in South Africa!  Natasha

What great news that he made it through the surgery with no problems.
We are still praying for him and all of your family. Love, Karen

Hi Ellen & Amy, Since I am Catholic I will offer a mass for your dad, Amy, and your entire family
that they may find peace to endure what you are going through.  Also a complete recovery.  Betsy

We are praying so hard here ... Kathryn Ross- Nash

Hi Ellen and Amy and the Thornapple Family,
We are so happy to hear that your dad came through the surgery so well, not surprising as he is a very strong and wonderful man.
We will continue to pray for his speedy recovery, and will watch for updates on his progress.
Please extend our well wishes to him from the Northbay Family.
Take Care, Heather, Brian, Courtney, Kendall and Clint Jacob Herron

Hi Ellen and Amy -  I know you don't know me very well but my thoughts are with you and your families at this time. 
May his recovery be speedy.  Amy Hiscock and the Catera Crew.

Poor Amy!!!!!! I can’t find words for that way I feel right now.
 – I am just sitting here with tears in my eyes.  Jim is one of the nicest persons!!!!
I know that i am VERY far away, but if there is anything I can do to help
 – you just mail me!!!! Please!!!  I am feeling so helpless sitting here in Denmark
 when Amy and her family are having the worst time in there life……  
Please give Amy the biggest hug from Steffen and me!!!! Take care,
 Hugs and love, Bitta

Hi all, just read the news about Amy's dad, and want you all to know that we
are thinking about you and are sending a few prayers your way. Amy's dad
sounds like a true gem and we wish him a full and speedy recovery.
Don't worry about emailing back, we know you must all be very busy and
concerned. Just know you are in our thoughts.
Your friends up north, The Wargins
Ed, Kathy-jo, Jake, Lena and Ran

I have just had a spare few minutes and have been catching up with all that is Thornapple on the website.
I have to say that you have all been through the mill lately........ I hope that Jim is making a fantastic recovery,
I have never had the good fortune to meet him but from what people have said he sounds like a truly fantastic person.
I sincerely hope that the remainder of 2006 brings you good health, happiness and good fortune for all of you.
Love and very best wishes, Sarah & all the Armatan gang XX  

I just wanted you to know that I will be praying for Jim.  I was happy to read the updates....sounds positive. 
  Jim has had prayers from all over the world.  He must be a wonderful man. Everyone should have a Jim in their family.
Love, Christa

Hi Amy: Joy...really really great news. I know how worried you've been and I know
this is just a great relief for you and all of your family. It's amazing
That is such wonderful news about your dad. It makes me just cry with

how the power of prayer works .. and I know you had lots and lots of them sent
your way and to your dad. I'm just so happy about the news. It's
wonderful. Take care. Laura

OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just reading this Amy! What an amazing man
Jim is! I hope that he continues with a strong outlook and he is very
lucky to have such a supportive family! I will keep him in my
thoughts to remain on the mend and to beat those odds even more! Ami

Amy, So glad with the wonderful news! God blesses your wonderful family with his Love.
Beijos, Marcia

Dear Amy,
I am so happy to hear this news! Your dad has been in my thoughts many
times. I hope he keeps progressing the way he has up until now. Positive
thoughts is what he needs, I'm sure the holiday will have helped him too!
Love, Bianca

Dear Amy,
What wonderful news!!!! I am so elated for you and your family. The
power of prayer is truly amazing. I'm familiar with Cantron.
I gave it to my Callie along with a number of other homeopathic remedies
when we were fighting her nasal tumor. Love, Karen

Dear Amy: What wonderful news! Your dad is in my prayers DAILY and he remains on our church prayer list.
 As I have stated before, I firmly believe in the power of prayer. I have seen the results time and time again.
I'm know you and your family are elated with the news. Thank you so much for the update. Love, Mary

Hugs to you, Amy, and all your family:)))))) Continued Prayers, Betsy

We are so happy about the wonderful news about your father!!!!!! We think about him very often!
Hugs, Anna-Lena

This is the most fantastic news of all time!!! I am sooo happy for you all! Modern medicine helps,
 but no one can deny this family's power of prayer!! I will continue to pray for a complete recovery!!
 Please keep the good news coming! Brenda Albrecht, Brenlee Australian Shepherds

Hi Amy, That is such wonderful news about your dad. I am so happy for you all.
Take Care. Marie Ekholm, Finland -- Kennel Gun Lake

Hi Amy!!! Please send your dad lots of hugs and me and his Zeus wish he continues to do so well!!! Keep in touch!
Manoella, Zeus and Julian

What GREAT news!!!!! Nothing beats prayer and PMA (positive mental
attitudes)!!!!!! Give Grandpa Jim a big hug from us. Candy and Erika